Sunday, August 1, 2010

Avery's Dress

About a month ago I was invited to my friend Valerie's baby shower. I have known Valerie practically all of my life, so I wanted to give her something really special for her first baby, but finances being a little tight that month I was having trouble coming up with something that I thought would be the perfect gift for her little girl. I decided to attempt to make her a little dress and some matching shoes.
I started with the shoes knowing that they would take a little bit longer. I didn't have a pattern, so I just traced a pair of the smallest baby girl shoes that I could find at work (I am a nanny). I will admit it took quite a bit of tweaking, and being a perfectionist I was a little disappointed with the shoes by the end of the night, but by the next morning I had enough time to step away from the project and I was pleased.
For the dress I just made a simple pillowcase dress. I did add some little arm holes because i thought it might be a little easier to dress the baby. I was very happy with the end result... and I think that Valerie liked it too.
Avery Jael Adams was born Friday night, July 30th. I am so happy for Valerie and Jon and I hope that they are enjoying their sweet little girl. :)

My first attempt at cobbling(is that a word?)- baby shoes that will hopefully fit a human child. :)

I never knew how simple pillowcase dresses are to make.

Avery's baby shower gift.


  1. Nora, your creativity still amazes me, after all these years. :-) Love you, Dad

  2. how did i not know that you had a blog!? Adorable! I love how easy pillowcase dresses are and how cute they are! i bought a pattern on etsy for little shoes - thought i'd sell them in my shop...haven't cracked it open yet! :)