Sunday, June 9, 2013

10 random things

i haven't blogged in quite a while, so i thought that tonight i would just do a fun one.

i decided that i would share 10 random things about myself...
just because.

1. i am incredibly and shamefully addicted to candy.
{generally sour patch kids, sour patch watermelons, or some other type of sour candy,
but there is an embarrassingly long list of my 'favorite' candies}

2. i believe that if i didn't have sensible parents, and now a sensible husband to keep me on track that i would have a serious animal hoarding problem.
 it really is a miracle that topher and i only have 3 pets.
i LOVE animals. especially baby animals.
possibly due to the fact that throughout my childhood we had:
*5 cats
*2 guinea pigs
*a rabbit 
(i also rescued a baby rabbit in college that lived in my purse in my dorm room)
*more fish than i could count
*more parakeets than i could count
*numerous baby birds that we attempted to rescue
*a rescued squirrel
*2 ducks
*2 salamanders
*a crab
*3 turtles
and i am sure that i am forgetting some.
i cannot even look at the animals that need rescuing without feeling an intense burden to go adopt them to save their lives. 
as if i am their only possible chance of finding a good home.
fortunately i have done my share of pet sitting
 to give me a healthy reminder of what life with 5 or 6 dogs and cats would be like.
which makes me appreciate our little family of 5 again.

3. my favorite flower for as long as i can remember,
 and certainly as long as i knew of its existence, 
is the ranunculus.
these beautiful, tight, little blooms just make me happy!
i was so glad that i was able to have them in my wedding flowers.

4. i cannot stand to be touched where my knees and elbows bend. 
i think that it is somewhat due to the fact that i associate inner elbows with giving blood and having an extreme needle phobia, it just nauseates me to be touched there.
i shuddered just thinking about it as i typed this.

5. that being said, i am not ticklish at all. and i consider that a great strength. ;)

6. i have difficulty sleeping in past 6:30 AM. even on the weekends.
topher was slightly annoyed by it when we were first married, 
but now he realizes that it is just how i am and as long as i sometimes let him stay in bed it's ok.
(although he is up before me most weekdays)

7. i LOVE turquoise. like, seriously i would own only turquoise if i didn't think that i would get bored with it. i am really glad that my husband didn't hate it, because when we met about 85% of the things in my kitchen were turquoise, most of which have remained in our current kitchen.

i have a white kitchen-aid mixer, but i would love to get a second one...
along with all of the other kitchen-aid appliances... turquoise.

8. i always use to joke that whoever i married had to have a last name with 'O' as the second letter.
my name was Nora Joy Loach, 
and my nickname was NoJoLo, 
so i said that i had to make sure that my new last name would still work.
turns out, Collogan is my last name. 
i am now NoJoCo
or NoJoLoCo.
it was just another confirmation that i married the right man. 

9. i am allergic to myself.
well, i have a hormone allergy so every time that my hormones change 
(which being a woman is about 12 times a year)
i break out in hives, itch and if it progresses too far before i can take my medicine, 
my eyes and face swell. 

10. i am not a good liar and therefore i cannot keep secrets well at all!!!
even to the point that if i buy gifts, i generally do not make it to the holiday without either telling the recipient what the gift is or giving it to them early.
i do not like surprises at all. 
or maybe i should say that i do not like knowing that there is a surprise. 
surprises are fun if they are complete surprises.

well, that's 10.
and now you know 10 things that you may or may not have cared to know about me. 

hope that they make you feel better about yourself.