Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cake toppers

i do realize that it has been months since i last posted. not that i haven't thought about it, and not that i haven't been reminded numerous times to do so, but because i just never think about it when i do have the time... so, seeing as how i am currently enjoying my second consecutive snow day (which i might add, is legitimate unlike most south carolina snow days), i decided to post one of my most recent accomplishments... fingers crossed that topher doesn't decide to look at this, since he isn't allowed to see this project till april 2nd.

i started with a pair of "naked" peg dolls:

 i ordered these on etsy from my friend michelle's shop- "goosegreaseundone". i think that the set was something like $4.

after hours... actually, several days worth of hours trying to duplicate topher's suit, my dress, and the bouquet and boutonnier... here is the result (which i have to admit i am pretty proud of). 
i will give both front and back view.

 can't wait to see these two on top of our cake! only 81 more days!!!

if you like these and you're not up to the challenge of painting them yourself, michelle has an etsy shop called "goosegrease" where she makes custom dolls/cake toppers/cupcake toppers, etc. i think this set, which is customizable is $40. very cute!!!