Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a happy little happening!

and while i am blogging, i thought that i should probably share some excitement of recent. on december 21st i got engaged to the most wonderful and perfect (for me) man that i can imagine. God has blessed me SO much!!!

here is the story:
it was a tuesday afternoon. we had planned to go ice skating and out for sushi since it was topher's "weekend" and it was almost my christmas vacation. i didn't call topher after i got off work like i always do, but i called my mom instead (little did i know that i caused him major anxiety because he was nervously awaiting my arrival at his house). i got to his house, and of course, always worrying about our schedule i immediately asked him if he had checked on the ice skating times. he told me that it was from 2-5 and acted kind of like he was ruling skating out because it was already almost 4:00. i thought that was plenty of time to skate, so i tried to rush him out the door. he acted a little strange and said, "well... don't be mad at me, but i knocked the tree over today when i was watering it. you might want to go out and check to make sure that none of the ornaments were broken". we both walked out to the livingroom. i looked at the tree, but didn't see anything broken. he told me to check the other side of the tree, but there might not be any broken. i started to walk around the tree and i noticed a new ornament. i thought that it was sweet that he had bought us a new ornament because i had just said that week that i wanted to get some more sentimental ornaments. then i looked closer at it. i saw that it said, "will" on it... i knew right then what was about to happen. i saw the other 3 ornaments, "you", "marry", & "me". 

he turned me around and he was down on one knee. he asked me to marry him and then i saw that sitting behind him on the shelf was our little 'elf on the shelf' holding a ring box!!!

he opened it up and then placed the most beautiful and perfect ring on my finger.

i cried and then i said "YES!" :)

and then we went on with our plans to go ice skating at the bilo center and to sushi dinner. 

 we tried a new sushi restaurant for dinner, sushi koji on main street, and it is our new favorite!

our sushi that evening was delicious! i can't wait to go back. 

it was the PERFECT night and i loved that he included my favorite things, christmas, elf, and sushi in the most adorable and sweet and perfect engagement ever!

i love christopher david collogan SO much and i can't wait to be his wife!!!

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  1. Awww! Yeah! Congratulations (very late, I know. . .)! Your dog looks a little jealous. :o)