Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my little addiction {shoes}

last night was i was shoe "shopping" online, which i guess is the 2012 version of 'window shopping'
my husband made me aware of a little obsession that i now admit to having...
i love camel wedges. 
i already have more than a handful of them 
and it was brought to my attention that every pair of shoes that i
were camel or light brown wedges...
which i convinced myself was ok, because they are very 'practical', 
but at the same time
do i really need to be so practical?
and how many camel wedges does one girl need?
and i am disappointed that i am so predictable?
guess my husband should have no trouble buying me gifts. ;)

and these have cork soles which is very different.
 most of mine have the 'grass'-like (jute or hemp) soles

i justified these in that they are actually more 'chestnut' than camel

and these are metallic rather than camel, so they're different, right?

and these are cheetah, and animal print is the new neutral
and i will admit, i LOVE jessica simpson shoes... 
although i don't care for her much as a person

these are neutral and camel, but different from all the shoes that i already have
and i really like them.

but this is the turquoise version of the same shoe...
and turquoise is my FaVoRiTe color,
and i actually LOVE these!

these are a completely different style from what i usually go for
and i would consider this more of a 'mushroom' color
but definitely neutral

but it does come in mustard!

 and i am loving these gray suede wedges!
but they come in this WAY more fun indigo color!
and these are definitely adorbs!

but this 'salmon' color makes them so much more fun!

did i mention that i am a sucker for jessica simpson shoes?
and these combine the neutral with a pop of color

like these
 & capturing the latest trend- 
in gray and yellow, which is also trending in both fashion and design

again with the gray and yellow
which i have been told are the new 'neutrals'... 
which makes me feel like again i am being 
but really, what's wrong with practical?!

i think the main problem is that i have a shoe addiction...

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