Sunday, May 20, 2012

how does your garden grow?

i am a little hesitant to continue blogging about my attempts at gardening since i will likely jinx myself.
i have not been known to have a green thumb... at all. 
but if this garden doesn't make it, it is not for my lack of effort!

this weekend i went to the downtown farmers market and bought a couple more plants for our little garden.
and i decided that it was getting a little crowded out there,

so i made some plant markers to help keep it organized.

i just painted some paint stirrers {free at home depot} with black paint {$0.83 at hobby lobby} and wrote on them with a white paint marker {which i already had}.
total project = $0.83 

it is so exciting to see things starting to grow! 
especially since i thought that this pepper plant had died last week.

the tomatillo plants are probably my favorite plants in our garden. 
they just kind of do their own thing and drape their vines in all different directions.

and their cute little tomatillo 'pods' remind me of lanterns or lampshades. so fun!

this is one of the new plants that i got this weekend. 
i haven't had much luck growing basil indoors, so hopefully i will be able to keep it alive outside.

and i was SO excited to find that our little eggs in our lantern hatched last weekend.

and all 4 of the babies are doing well.

and i was rather shocked with what i found when i was watering my hanging flower baskets on tuesday.
another nest with 4 eggs in it!!!
our porch is quite the happening place this month.

this makes 8 babies on our porch 

i was just glad that i saw it before i drown them.

this is a picture of the babies yesterday

and here they are this afternoon a little more alert...
and i must say, it's getting kinda nasty in there.

so this afternoon i decided that with our growing aviary on the front porch
that i should probably provide some food for those hungry mamas.
so i made this little bird feeder to get us through till i find one that i want to invest in.

i just poked a couple holes in a soda bottle
 {sparkling pink lemonade to be exact} 
and stuck some bamboo skewers through for perches.
i am looking forward to watching our new little babies grow up.

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  1. Nora, you're a genius-- I'm totally copying you sometime soon-- Graeme will love doing this project with me too :)