Monday, April 23, 2012

giveaway winner and wedding cake

first off, i would like to thank all of you for participating in my first giveaway!
i had a lot of fun doing it and i hope to have many more in the near future. 
thank you so much for entering and for sharing it with your friends.

the computer chosen winner is...


please send me a note with your address and what color necklace you would like
 and i will send you a fun little package.

{several of you have asked if you were not the winner if i would be willing to sell you a necklace.
 i would happily sell these little pretties. they are $14 each. just contact me with your color choice and address and i will send it your way... 
i am hopeful to have them in my etsy shop in the very near future as well, but am not making any promises}

this month my husband and i celebrated our 1st anniversary. i must say that i never could have imagined a more perfect first year of marriage. we had so much fun and God taught us so many things about ourselves, each other, but most importantly about how much we need Him in our marriage.
 i have been so incredibly blessed!
 i also had NO idea that a year could pass so quickly.
 it seems like i was just planning the wedding.

i love traditions (old and new), so i really wanted to keep the tradition of saving the top layer of the wedding cake for our first anniversary.

our wedding cake was SO delicious!

it was a keylime-coconut cake.

and from the looks of things, i was not the only one that thought that it was AMAZING! 
i was so extremely lucky to know an incredible cake baker quite well
 {my very talented mother}.
she experimented for weeks to come up with a recipe that we all loved. 
not only did she make our wedding cake during the crazy wedding week,
but she told me that instead of saving our top layer of the cake and pretending to enjoy eating frost-bitten cake on our anniversary in the name of tradition, that she would just make us a fresh cake for our celebration. 
so this weekend we got to enjoy this cute little anniversary cake!
thank you so much mom. :)

and i think that it may have been even better after a year. ;)
if you would like the wedding cake recipe, <------ this is the link to my mom's blog.

and i was also excited to be able to use our cute little 
that i blogged about last year. 

i am so excited to make a set for our friends marianne and david for their wedding this summer!

i can't wait to share many more fun celebrations with you in the future!

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