Saturday, October 22, 2011

glimpses of fall

i am finally embracing fall as it has been slowly making itself more permanent in greenville. i really don't love the cold weather, but i do SO love everything that goes along with it.

2 weekends ago my husband and went on a camping trip in the pisgah forest off the blue ridge parkway. it was the perfect camping weekend. it was nice and warm during the day and almost freezing at night. we got to do some hiking during the day and then sat by our campfire at night with our hot chocolate and smores. i think that i finally managed to get the campfire smell out of all of our clothes. i really was beginning to think that my hair was permanently campfire scented. 

the views from our hike were gorgeous 

we found this little trail through the forest and the sunlight through the trees was beautiful

these are my 2 favs in the whole world

paisley and i hiking through the fun twisty trees

me and the happiest puppy in the whole world. 
she was so excited to be surrounded by the outdoors all weekend.

the red leaves are my favorites

i love all the bright fall leaves though

the beautiful colors of october in north carolina

we finally wore paisley out, but not for long

last weekend was fall for greenville in downtown greenville. 
they block off most of the main street in greenville and bring in over 40 local food vendors. they set up 5 stages and had live music playing all day long all 3 days. people seemed to come out of the woodwork to come downtown. since we live right off main street we walked down all 3 days to enjoy some of the best people watching in the area. we had a great time and would recommend you attend next year.

me and topher enjoying the beautiful weather at fall for greenville

the thousands of people on main street

what a fun fall festival our little town has

sunday was a slightly more manageable crowd. 

i finally got all of the fall decorations up in our house. it makes me extremely excited for halloween to arrive! 
i love all holidays, but halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas are a fun tri-fecta of holidays and just far enough apart to have recovered from the previous one to prepare for the next.

here's a glimpse into our home (pardon the clutter in the background) at some of our fall decor

i love this pumpkin tureen

i thought that our livingroom looked fun in the sunlight this morning.
my candlabra is compliments of the dollar tree

and paisley must have felt that she was being left out, so she came to pose in a picture

i was particularly excited about my skeleton garland

and this is a picture of paisley after our walk downtown this morning.
this was the next to last downtown market, and since i will most likely be working next saturday morning with the arrival of baby #5 in my nanny family, we decided to go enjoy one last greenville saturday market.
if you haven't been yet, you might want to go next week, october 29th, for the autumn harvest celebration. trick or treating, costume contests, cake walk, fall recipe swap, etc.

happy fall!!!

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